Every brand needs agents for spreading its business. When you operate in a geographical area, you make clients there. When you want to expand your business, you need new suppliers. The new suppliers help you to establish your brand in new locations. But, agents also look for certain characteristics in the companies that want to hire them as retailers. Today, we will take a look at all the factors that make our company one of the best to work for. We need distributors and agents for our plush elephant toy, which has become one of the most popular toys in recent times. The plush elephant toy is a great toy to work on.

Current Market Situation

The market for plush toys is thriving. Plush toys are in-demand and are loved by kids and adults too. Plush toys have a bright future in terms of market reputation. Long story short, the investment in plush toys is the perfect investment to make right now. The market has potential for plush toys, and the agents can grab this opportunity by working with us under the banner of our company.

Now, we will take a look at the factors that will attract the agents to work for us and help us spread the business:

Product Benefit

The plush elephant toy is the latest addition to our arsenal of toys. The plush elephant is very common among kids. The agents consider the product benefit before working for a company. The plush elephant toy is a very beneficial toy for agents and retailers. Let us take a look at the benefits of the plush elephant toy that it provides to the agents:

·        The plush elephant toy is one of the top-selling toys on Amazon. It is a best-selling plush toy. The agents always want to work with the products that are top-selling. This is because they want to increase their sales. Working with our company on the plush elephant toy will give the agents a chance to make their name in the market. A real-life representation of this statement is that the monthly sales of the plush elephant toy on amazon exceeded 20,000 pieces with an average rating of 4.7 stars which is ideal and excellent for any kind of product.

·        The design patent is also held by Homily. Homily is aware of all the design and the changes if required. All the design process is managed by Homily. There are no external links with anyone for the design.


Well, all the agents want to have some advantages when working with a company. We, as a company, know very well how to give advantages to our agents and retailers that work with us. We know the structure of the market and the prices that are circulating in the market. We always provide our agents with competitive prices to make sure that they can compete in the market. Competitive prices give our agents a chance to excel in the market. This is what we basically want for our agents.

Flawless Quality

Another advantage that we give to the agents is that the product has flawless quality. All the customers have the right to question the agents if they find any defect in the product or find the quality unreasonable or below standard. But, you don't have to worry about these factors because we make sure to provide you with the finest quality of the plush elephant toy.

Characteristics of Flawless Quality

The good quality of the plush elephant toy includes high-quality crafting, matchless sewing using technology that gives accurate, tight, and long-lasting stitches. The plush elephant gives a fluffy look that the children especially love. The fillings of the plush elephants is done by machines that ensure that there are no errors in the filling of the plush elephants. All the materials used in the plush elephant toys are safe for the children. They don't damage the health of children. The plush elephant toy is dirt-resistant and super easy to clean.

Smooth Delivery

Facilitating the agents is something that we highly appreciate. Every agent wants their company to ensure smooth communication and supply capacity. If an agent can carry 5000 pieces of plush elephants at a time, we have the capability to send him the 5000 pieces using our reliable logistics and transport services. Talking about supply, the average monthly supply volume is 20+ high cabinets.

Quality is everything; therefore, we focus on quality like nothing else. Our quality control system is strong, and quality is maintained under the ISO90001 quality system certification. Our company supports original equipment manufacturing and original design manufacturing that offers our clients a wide range of choices. Due to COVID-19, many huge companies have compromised on their supply system. The deliveries are getting late. However, our company has ensured that even during the pandemic days, the supply is not cut-off or delayed. This means that even during the pandemic, the goods were delivered on time to our agents.

Unless there is something disastrous, we will always deliver you the goods on time. Our delivery schedule is flexible and allows us to compensate for the time lost due to accidents or other natural mishaps that cannot be avoided. We always keep a margin to avoid late deliveries.


We need agents for our plush elephant toy. The agents also focus on the suppliers and want to find out the benefits to decide whether they want to join us or not. We provide multiple advantages and services to our agents that work for us. We give our agents the perfect opportunity to grow under our brand name. We have brought one of the best-selling toys on amazon for our agents. The product market is also thriving, and all the aspects of the plush elephant toy are agent-friendly.

We provide best manufacturing, quality assurance, and on-time delivery to our agents so that they can distribute the plush elephants on time. We hope that you will find the answers that you want to know before becoming our agent.